In case of black screen  in Windows desktop application or always connecting status on HTML5 VIEWER or “Connected – Display OFF” message showing in Android/iOS VIEWER:

For Windows 11/10 primary machine, open the spacedesk Driver Console and click the connected client to check the Display Mode if it’s detached.

For Windows 8.1 primary machine, click the spacedesk Server window on the task bar and check if status of the device on Network Connections (remote) tab is “detached”.

To attach,  open the Windows Display settings of the primary machine, click the detached secondary display and try to attach it by selecting extend or duplicate.


For Windows 8.1 primary machine, if desktop extension is working but duplication is always failing, make sure that the “Settings → Resolutions → Other Screen Resolution” of Windows VIEWER OR the “Advanced Performance Options → Custom Resolution” of HTML5 VIEWER OR the “Settings → Resolution” of Android VIEWER, OR Settings → Display → Custom Resolutions of iOS VIEWER should matched the native resolution of the primary machine’s monitor.

For Windows 10/11, if duplicate option is not available in Display settings, check the current WDDM version of the graphics adapter via dxdiag.exe. 

In case the WDDM version is below 2.0, try to update the graphics adapter by Windows Update or manual download of driver from official website.

If duplication is still not available after driver update, then it’s probably because the driver does not support mirror mode anymore. Please refer to Known issues chapter below for Mirror mode not supported.


In case display is in wrong settings (orientation, screen resolution, display detached) upon client connect, the "Clear Windows Display Settings" button in spacedesk Driver Console -> CONTROL, for Windows 10/11 primary machine.

For Windows 8.1 primary machine, try the “Clear All display Settings” option in spacedesk System Tray menu.