Note: Starting version 2.1.10, remote keyboard input in Android VIEWER (via network connection) will only be available in COMMERCIAL LICENSED Viewer app along with Encryption/Password enabled.

To enable the “Mouse, Keyboard and Touchscreen ” option:

Windows 7 VIEWER → Functionality menu.
For touchscreen, two options are available absolute and relative mode.
Touchscreen (absolute) mode provides an absolute input position of the mouse pointer within your viewer screen.
Touchpad/Trackpad (relative) mode is using relative desktop coordinates.
To exit from remote control mode just press “Alt+Shift” key combination.

Windows Store VIEWER App → Settings → Remote Control menu.
Mouse output can be set as the actual mouse or as emulated touch.
Touch output can be set as actual Touch or as emulated Mouse.
Keyboard and Pen can be activated or deactivated.
To exit from remote control, you can set a custom key combination. The default key combination is “Alt+Shift”.

Android VIEWER →  Menu → Input Devices, touch screen and Pen remote input features are available.

On-Screen Keyboard option is available via On-screen Menu when Viewer app is connected.

iOS VIEWER → Settings icon → Input Devices, option for Touchscreen, Keyboard (hardware), Pen are available.

There are two different options on how touch feature can work on Android and iOS device.
•  Absolute touch provides an absolute input position of the mouse pointer.
•  Relative touch which works like a touch pad.

Keyboard remote control can be activated/deactivated.
For software keyboard on Android VIEWER app, just do the two finger touch on the viewer screen to activate the onscreen keyboard.
Hardware keyboard is also supported (USB or wireless).
Pen remote control can be activated/deactivated too.

On HTML5 VIEWER, just go to Advanced Performance Settings → Remote Control to enable remote control feature. However, no keyboard control only mouse and touchscreen support.

Below are the touch gestures for Android and HTML5 Viewer:
Move pointer: Tap with one finger and drag anywhere on the screen.
Left-click: Tap the screen with one finger
Right-click: Tap and hold the screen, then release.
Drag Windows/Object: Tap two times for relative OR tap once for absolute, hold then drag.